Items the Museum collects

The following are some examples of items the Museum seeks to collect and preserve: Brass Sprinkler Heads; Valves; Backflows; Pumps; and any publications or catalogs that may contain descriptions of these items. Most of these collectible items are not being manufactured any more, nor are they in wide spread use by any of the industries, or individuals. Also see our [Search List] for items that we are actively searching for.

Basic rules followed for acquiring Items for the Museum
  • Antiques are always preferred. However, items can be more recently manufactured as well.
  • Items can be donated or if an item is extremely hard to find, and it must be purchased, then the curator may pay for it as a direct purchase to the museum.
  • Upon receiving any item, it shall be inventoried, photographed, identified, cataloged, and displayed on this website.
How to Donate an Item

If you are someone interested in donating to this museum you can send us an email at: we will respond as soon as time permits. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

For Selling an Item to Us

Any purchases we make, will be done with due consideration on a case by case basis. Please see our [Search List] for details on items we are actively searching for, also keep in mind that there are many unique items that are not on the Search List.

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